Willow, zBA, cm100x100, 2015


Le mostre di Willow
Willow’s Shows

Willow, zBA, cm100x100, 2015
Willow, zBA, cm100x100, 2015

2009, July-September – solo show at ARTFACTORY Window Cafe (Milano Viale Doria,17)

2009, June – Partecipation at Microspace Competition ad nomination as artist of the month (www.microbo.net)

2009 – Mickey Mouse vinyl toy custom by Willow for the event “Bloc Mickey” organized by Walt Disney Co. at Times Square, Hong Kong.

2009 – Decoration of rugby ball sold at Charity Auction for the benefit of the earthquake victims of L’Aquila

2009, September-October 2009 – solo show at BARETTINO (Milano via Solferino,34)

2010, March – group show “A light Above the Rest: the chandelier” at MyPAC club house gallery (Miami, USA)

2010, April – solo show “WOW – World of Willow” at ELIO FERRARO gallery/store on the occasion of FuoriSalone (Milano)

2010, May-June – group show “Vinyl Show 2010” at HARDWARE gallery (Sydney AUS)

2010, June – group show “Mangia le prugne” for the benefit of Fibrosi Cistica Onlus

2010, July – relator for the event “Ecohousing Art” at Design Factory Milano 

2010, September – solo show “My parallel universe” at OIOIOI International Art Gallery (St.Pietroburgo, RUS)

2010, October – group show “JOUWE TOY custom show” at ARTYFARTY gallery (Cologne, D)

2010, October-November – solo show “W POP” at PAZL Green Lab (Milano)

2010, November – solo show at VAVAVOOM (Milano, Piazza Cantore, 3)

2010/11, November-February – solo show at PANEBIANCOCAFFèNERO (Milano Corso Italia,6)

2011 – AFFORDABLE ART FAIR Milano thanks to UFOFABRIK gallery (Moena)

2011 – Exhibition and live painting performance  MICAM, International Shoes Fair in Milano

2011 – Collaboration with BORSALINO. Partecipation at Pitti Immagine Uomo 2011 to present a capsule collection of pop hats (Firenze)

2011 – Collaboration with Edizioni GUT per SMEMORANDA to create a wall painting at Museo del Fumetto di Milano for the Smemoranda’s 2011 advertising campaing. Guarda qui il video.

2011, February  – group show at LE BANQUE (Milano via Porrone,6)

2011, February-March – group show “CONFINAMENTI stralunanti” at UFOFabrik contemporary art gallery (Moena, TN)

2011, March – group show “SARATE” at degli ZINGARI gallery (Roma)

2011, March – solo show “POP SHOT” at SPAZIO LIBERO 4  (Pavia)

2011, March – group show “Milano Catch Street Art” at ENERGOLAB (Milano)

2011, April – live painting on the occasion of the opening of WOW – Museo del Fumetto (Milano)

2011, April – solo show “POP GENUS” at SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO (Bologna)

2011, April-May – group show “150 Souvenirs d’Italie” at ATELIER DEGLI ARTISTI (Roma)

2011, September – Willow’s nomination as artist of the month on www.associazioneartgallery.org

2011, September – Willow’s artwork were selected by FONDAZIONE D’ARS OSCAR SIGNORINI ONLUS for their own web gallery

2011, September-October – solo show “SBAM!” at CASTELLI GALLERY (Milano)

2011, September-October – group show “50o Contemporary Art Meeting” at SPAZIO CONCEPT (Milano)

2011, October – Collaboration with MOTTA for the Christmas advertisign campaing 2011. Realization of the TRAM Jumbo 4900 and 12000 shoppers.

2011, October – group show “Più arte meno in disparte” for the benefit of  Fibrosi Cistica Onlus.

2011, December – group show “Be smart, buy art!” at SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO (Bologna)

2012 – Collaboration with ARIETE (www.ariete.com)

2012 – Collaboration with BORSALINO. Partecipation at Pitti Immagine Uomo 2012 to present F/W 2012/13 collection

2012 – Collaboration with FALCONE GIOIELLI (Valenza, AL)

2012, Collaboration with WEISSESTAL (www.weissestal.it)

2012, Collaboration with RIVADOSSI (www.rivadossi.it)

2012, Collaboration with SALVADORI CORNICI (www.salvadoricornici.it)

2012, January – BAF Bergamo Arte Fiera thanks to AMSTEL ART GALLERY (Bergamo)

2012, April-May – solo show “POP CORNer” at SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO (Bologna)

2012, October – Collaboration with MOTTA for advertising campaing “MOTTART – il panettone d’autore”

2012, October-November – group show “Neopop.Art” at SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO (Bologna)

2012, November – group show TDK – Neverending history 1990-2012 (Milano) + POW Gallery (Torino)

2012/13, September-January – solo show “POP INSIDE” organized by SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO at HIGHLINE OUTLET C.so Vittorio Emanuele,30 (Milano)

2012, December – group show “Be smart, buy art!” at SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO (Bologna)

2013 – Collaboration with LUCA BOFFI

2013, January – BAF Bergamo Arte Fiera thanks to AMSTEL ART GALLERY (Bergamo)

2013, February-March – group show “Aliens” at MAG Marsiglione Arts Gallery (Como)

2013 – Permanent exhibition at SCUOLA DEL FUMETTO (Milano)

2013, March – AFFORDABLE ART FAIR  thanks to SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO (Milano)

2013, May – group show “ORANGE” at Terrazza Aperol organized by SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO/AFFORDABLE ART FAIR (Milano)

2013, May – group show “Aliens” at SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO (Bologna)

2013, May-October – group show “Reality Fluids” at NHOW HOTEL (Milano)

2013, May – solo show – “GOD SAVE THE POP!” at AMSTEL ART GALLERY (Londra)

2013, June-July – solo show “BA-BOOM!” at CASTELLI GALLERY (Milano)

2013, July-September – solo show at ART HOTEL (Varese)

2013, July-September – group show “Here we are – A smile is for free” at ART FOR INTERIOR (Milano)

2013, September – BERLINER LISTE art fair thanks to INFANTELLINA CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY (Berlino)

2013, October – solo show “SBADABAM” at LA FILANDA DI CERNUSCO (Cernusco S/N, Milano)

2013, October – group show “FACEZ” at SPAZIO COMBINES XL (Milano)

2013, October-Novembre – solo show “VOX POPULI” at ARSCRITICA MODERNAECONTEMPORANEA (Roma)

2013, October – solo show on the occasion of BrerArt at LE ROSSE (Milano)

2013, November – solo show “BADABUM!” at LE BICICLETTE (Milano)

2013, December – MIAMI RIVER ART FAIR thanks to NINA TORRES ART GALLERY (Milano)

2013-14, December-January – solo show “Bianco, Rosso, Verdi” at SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO (Bologna)

2014, March – AFFORDABLE ART FAIR  thanks to SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO (Milano)

2014, May-September – solo show “Expop!” at GALLERIA 70 (Milano)

2014, July – group show “Action. Dall’astratto all’informale” at ART EXPERTISE (Firenze)

2014, October – solo show “Neopop” at IL MELOGRANO (Livorno)

2014, November – GAP – Galleries at Paratissima thanks to HAUSAMMANN GALLERY (Torino)

2014/15 – October-January – group show “Novecento 70” at GALLERIA 70

2014, October-November – solo show on occasion of Brerart at FEBAL organized by SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO (Bologna)

2014/15, December-March – solo show “Willow” at HAUSAMMANN ART GALLERY (Cortina D’Ampezzo)

2015, January-February – solo show “16 modi di dire verdi” at Poliambulatorio Regina Margherita organized by SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO (Bologna)

2015, March – AFFORDABLE ART FAIR  thanks to SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO (Milano)

2015, March – Charity Auction at Sotheby’s (Milano)

2015, April – Presentation of King Chair 2015 by Willow for Luca Boffi and Magic Pillow with children of Magica Cleme at Luca Boffi Store (Milano)

2015, June – Ape Piaggio custom by Willow on the occasion of 80 years of Avis (Monza)

2015, June – MIAMI ART EXPO thanks to AMSTEL ART GALLERY (Miami)

2015, June – Charity Action for the benefit of Portofranco Onlus. Thanks to Federica Ghizzoni

2015, June-October – group show “Corporate Art – L’azienda come oggetto d’arte” at GNAM – Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea organized with Luiss Business School

2015, August – group show “Le Fil Rouge” at Convento Francescani Neri (Specchia, Lecce)

2015, August – group show at HAUSAMMANN ART GALLERY (Cortina d’Ampezzo)

2015, Settembre – solo show at GALLERIA 70 (Milano)

2016, March – AFFORDABLE ART FAIR thanks to SPAZIO SAN GIORGIO (Milano)

2016, March – group show at MACRO Testaccio, Nuvola Creativa Festival delle Arti (Roma)

2016, March – ASIA CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW thanks to BARNADAS HUANG gallery (Hong Kong)

2016, April – AFFORDABLE ART FAIR thanks to BARNADAS HUANG gallery (Singapore)

2016, May – AFFORDABLE ART FAIR  thanks to BARNADAS HUANG gallery (Hong Kong)

2016, May – solo show at GALLERIA 70 “WILLOWPUNTOESCLAMATIVO” (Milano)

2016, August – group show at HAUSAMMANN GALLERY (Cortina d’Ampezzo)

2016, September – solo show at HOTEL ArtStudio 38POP 38” (Milano)

2016, November – solo show in Merate “Willow in Merate” (Merate – MB)

2017, February – group show at GALLERIA 70 (Milano)

2017, March – solo show at Cogeser Point “Tutti i colori di Willow” (Cernusco S/N – Milano)

2017,January – Collaboration with ArteInvestimenti

2017, April – solo show at Palazzo Ceramico “Pop vibrations” (Caltagirone – CT)

2017, June – street art event in Milano “Looperfest + ZuArtDay”

2017, June – solo show at Mondadori Bookstore at Cinema Arcadia, Melzo (MI)

2017, October – solo show at Galleria d’arte Il Quadrifoglio “# W I L L O W” (Rho – MI)

2018, January – AFFORDABLE ART FAIR  MILANO thanks to Deodato Arte (Milano)

2018, March – AFFORDABLE ART FAIR  BRUXELLES thanks to Deodato Arte (Milano)

2018, April/May – group show “Sorrento Young Art” in Sorrento 

2018, May – solo show at Galleria 70 “Non c’è niente da ridere” (Milano)

2018, June – street art event in Milano “Looperfest + ZuArtDay”

2018, November – Marco Mengoni event “ATLANTICO”, “La casa azul di Willow” (Milano)

2018, December – solo show at Fabbrica del Vapore “W I L L O W” (Milano)



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